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CCF Qld Conference

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Posted by PlantMiner
We all know what a rocky road the civil construction industry can be at times... Avoiding the pot holes can be as simple as getting the right information and implementing effective strategies to make sure that you’re proactively planning for the tough times.

Recently PlantMiner teamed up with Civil Construction Federation (CCF) for their Queensland State Conference as the trade show major sponsor.

For those of you who couldn't make it, here are the presentations we found particularly astute:

Demographic trends impacting the construction industry

Bernard Salt, Partner, KPMG

There's one message that shone through Bernard's presentation: infrastructure follows people and people follow social trends and desires.

Bernard is a Partner for the global advisory firm KPMG and specialises in demographics and consumer behaviour. The founder of KPMG Demographics provides enormous insight into population trends and is a twice weekly columnist with The Australian. I strongly recommend looking into his work.

Bernard provided insight on the following trends:

  • Strong population growth will underpin demand for housing and infrastructure for a generation
  • The ageing population creates the need for new communities and hospitals
  • Ageing baby boomers have the capacity to skew budgets to health and benefits and away from infrastructure
  • Civil contractor skills of the future may extend beyond the technical and into soft skills

CCF QLD: Advocating for the interests of members

Robert Row, CEO, CCF QLD

The changing tides of the recent Queensland state election (seeing a change of Government) has kept CCF QLD rather busy of late.

Speaking about recent interventions from the Queensland Government, Robert explained how CCF are continuously pushing for more investment in infrastructure projects. They're also driving for more funding towards asset maintenance - particularly roads.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor of Brisbane

Great news for construction as the Lord Mayor came to the table, further enlightening us on some major infrastructure projects that are on the cards. The floods a few years ago degraded a lot of Brisbane's roads, by about 7.5 years. So this, on top of regular projects, will mean a substantial upcoming workload, including:

-Kingsford Smith Drive's $650m project

The major project will see the road widen from four to six lanes, with two cycling lanes built on a stretch of the roadway over the Brisbane River. The project has already gone out to tender, with the successful bidder to be known by November. Work is expected to begin on the project in early 2016.


kingsford smith drive Kingsford Smith Drive Artist impression - photo credit: Parsons Brinckerhoff Bulletin

-Brisbane's $130m sewer upgrade

Now there's nothing that stinks about this! Linked to the project above, work by Queensland Urban Utilities has already begun to replace the city's sewer line which lies under Kingsford Smith Drive. Carrying about 70% of the city's sewer, the 100-year-old structure will be given a fresh lease on life of about 50 years.

-Wynnum Road Stage One

The concept design is currently underway for the busy corridor between suburban and commercial catchments in Brisbane's eastern suburbs and CBD. Stage 1 concentrates on Latrobe St to Canning Bridge, where Lytton Road will widen from four to six lanes. Detailed design will commence mid-2015, land acquisition to kick-off mid-2016, with construction starting in early 2018 before expected completion in 2020.

PlantMiner: The use of technology

Dan Wilson, GM of PlantMiner

Dan Wilson highlights the importance of technology, and how PlantMiner can help gain a competitive advantage when planning for works such as the above. Connecting and engaging with subcontractors and plant and equipment hire companies is now a streamlined process, and PlantMiner helps these companies capitalise on current and future projects.

Check out Dan's presentation below.

Overall, the CCF QLD Conference provided brilliant information on the industry and upcoming infrastructure projects. We definitely look forward to attending the CCF conferences across Australia.

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