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South Australia's Wealth of Infrastructure Projects

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Posted by PlantMiner

When it comes to infrastructure spending, it's time Adelaide and South Australia got some more credit. The South Australian capital is currently going through a massive infrastructure investment phase - one that is particularly substantial when considered relative to the city's size.

Adelaide after all only has a population of only 1.2 million people compared to Sydney's 4.6 million, according to the last Census.

As such, some major infrastructure projects are ramping up in and around Adelaide, with a significant amount of coin being spent.

Torrens Road to River Torrens

The Torrens Road to River Torrens project presents massive opportunities for plant hire suppliers.

Worth $896 million, the contract for the 50/50 state and federal government co-funded project has just been awarded.

Leightons, Aurecon and York Civil will be in charge of delivering an upgrade to a 3.7km section of South Road between Torrens Road and River Torrens.

This will include a 2.5 kilometre non-stop section of roadway between Hawker Street and Ashwin Parade, incorporating a 1.4 kilometre section of lowered non-stop motorway from Cedar Avenue to Gawler Avenue.

Connecting parallel surface roads will be necessary to link local and arterial roads to South Road.

An overpass of the Outer Harbour rail line and upgrades to six intersections are also on the cards.

The Darlington Upgrade Project

Worth $620m - will be the next stage of the North-South corridor upgrade. Soil and utility investigation took place in March and a Project Assessment Report is due to be released in June.


Darlington_cover_shot_rev05coversizesm3 Artist Impression of Darlington Upgrade Project - photo credit: Government of South Australia, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

O-Bahn City Access Project - $160 million

A need to reduce congestion on Adelaide's Inner City Ring Route has driven the South Australian Government to focus on the public transport reliability for commuters.

In February, the government released a $160m proposal for a guided bus tunnel from Hackney Road into the city.

The project itself focusses on providing priority bus lanes through a 500m underground tunnel and rebuilding areas of the existing route.

Suppliers will be interested to know there will be a massive need for concrete (batching plants) as well as other elements of your classic road building kit.

The main purpose is the realign roads to better serve Rundle Park (3,000sq metres of parkland used for festivals and events) so there is potentially the scope for earthworks in that area as well.

The substantial upgrade ­ is still at proposal stage at the moment, but is certainly one to watch.

APY Lands main access road upgrade

Worth $106.2million, the state and federal co-funded project will upgrade the 210 kilometre stretch between the Stuart Highway and Pukatja (Ernabella) in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands.

Road works will take the form of upgrading existing bitumen and poor dirt roads, raising them above flood levels.

A further 21km of access roads to three airstrips are to be installed or upgraded as well.

Road maintenance currently cost $1.5m per annum in grading alone.

This upgrade obviously presents a huge opportunity for classic road construction gear such as ­graders and rollers.

Surveying began in November 2014 and we're looking forward to seeing this upgrade progress.

This is just a snippet of the major road works that are going down in Adelaide. ­ Billions of dollars' worth of work which may be tapped into is on the way, including plenty of $100m sub-jobs.

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