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April Employees of the Month


Posted by Sara Williams

PlantMiner.com.au has rapidly grown since launching in 2013 and one of the biggest indicators is our ever increasing workforce. Starting with a handful of members in 2012, we have developed to a team of over 70 in April 2015.

One of the best parts of my job is standing back and reflecting on the hard working team that we have built over the years. The extraordinary rapport, work ethic and dedication to success makes picking the of Employees of the Month an extremely difficult, yet rewarding task.

PlantMiner would like to congratulate Dan McMath and Lawrence Acilo for nabbing April's Employees of the Month.

Dan McMath:

Dan is a Business Development Manager for Queensland and is true to the saying; good things come in small packages. Dan has been with the business since 2013, and has been a great asset to the team. In the past month, Dan has trained two new BDM's to help ensure the equipment hire leads that are being generated for our suppliers are relevant to their fleet. He's also helped generate new requests for plant and equipment hire which has resulted in 100k+ in confirmed work for PlantMiner suppliers in April. His can-do attitude is only rivalled by his looks, so keep an eye out!

Dan McMath congratulated by general manager, Dan Wilson

Lawrence Acilo:

Lawrence is a key member of our web development team. He possesses an excellent work ethic and continues to amaze us with his performance all round, especially on support tasks. Lawrence is a full time web developer, part time office prankster and we love his infectious attitude. He is a solid and punctual worker but also brings great team spirit and is always there to build moral with other team members.

Employee of the Month - Lawrence

Congratulation guys - well deserved!

Join our team!

If you’d like to learn more about joining the PlantMiner team, please get in touch by contacting hr@plantminer.com.au, or by checking our current career opportunities on our careers page.


Sara Williams

Sara Williams

As Human Resources Manager, Sara Williams has been an integral part of the PlantMiner team since March 2014. Her enthusiasm to promote company values has greatly contributed to the rapid growth of PlantMiner’s workforce and Sara’s name is now synonymous with Friday afternoon activities such as ‘Fajita Friday’, ‘Football Friday’ and ‘Friday First To The Bar’. Sara’s goal is simple: to make PlantMiner number one under BRW’s Best Places to Work.