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Improve your listing to win more work


Posted by PlantMiner

Our resident SEO guru dishes the dirt on how to increase your visibility through PlantMiner and boost your chances of winning work. Your PlantMiner company profile gives you the opportunity to showcase your business and fleet on a site visited by thousands each day. Within a few clicks, our procurement platform allows renters searching for equipment to easily discover more about you and your machinery.

A searcher’s hire decision is heavily influenced by your company profile and item descriptions.

By improving the quality of information you offer potential clients, you are simultaneously increasing a searcher’s perception of your business and even growing how often an item appears in search results.

There a few changes you can make to stack the deck in your favour:

Company profiles

Potential hirers want to see information that relate to their needs. So while most company profiles on PlantMiner use identical information to their personal website, these details are often aimed at a more general audience.

It’s a simple and proven relationship – the more targeted content you add, the more you can influence a searchers decision and increase the number of enquiries on your profile.

Improve the details on your profile for potential hirers:

  • Typical projects that you have worked on in the past
  • Specialties and services offered (e.g. wet and dry hire)
  • Safety information (we find a lot of hirers interested in this)
  • Awards won or certifications that you hold
  • The locations that you service
  • The size of your fleet
  • Minimum hire terms for your plant and equipment

To make these changes, log in to your account and select the ‘Edit Profile’ option from the Profile dropdown in the navigation. The profile description can be edited at the bottom of the ‘Edit Profile’ page. You can then preview these changes before saving, or just save straight away.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.01.48 pm


Your Client Manager is a great resource to help you update this information.

Queensland suppliers speak with Grace on 07 3193 4315

Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania suppliers – speak with Lily on 07 3193 4316

South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory suppliers – speak with Caitlin on 07 3193 4341

Item listings

Adding a short, unique description to important items can increase your chance of receiving direct enquiries and your likelihood to appear in PlantMiner search results. The greater the detail, the more likely it will match up to a hirer’s requirements.

Useful information to add to your items includes:

  • Suitable work or job sites for the item
  • Licenses required to operate
  • Safety certificates
  • Requirements that the item meets (e.g. Mine spec)
  • Fuel type
  • Attachments available when hiring the machine
  • Minimum hire terms

“Quick searchers” represent a quarter of PlantMiner’s renters – i.e. people who need one or two items (rather than a large tender request) for an immediate job. A ‘quick searcher’ is someone who types a request for equipment, for example ‘electric forklift hire’, into the search box without pre-selecting a specific plant and equipment category. When the site is used in this way, the results that show to the searcher are based on what the item title and description is. For example, If you listed your item as ‘Electric forklift’, you will rank higher than just ‘forklift’, as the first results would be more relevant to the searchers request. If you list your item as ‘forklift’ but include the terms ‘electric forklift’ within your item description, you will rank higher. By updating your item descriptions, you are increasing your chances of ranking higher in our item listing results.

Only 10% of plant and equipment items on our site currently contain a unique description, so this method is a simple way we can give you a leg up on your competitors.

To make these changes to your items, log in to your account and select the ‘Item list’ option from the ‘Items’ dropdown in the navigation. You can select the item you wish to edit and click through to update the description. The ‘Item Description’ text box is found at the bottom of the ‘Item Details’ page. Please be sure to save the changes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 3.55.10 pm

As always, if you have any problems updating this information, please get in touch with your Client Manager.

Linking to your profile

A link from your website to your updated PlantMiner profile can be of great worth. In terms of fleet listings, most sites give a broad sense of their machinery. However, your PlantMiner profile will offer searchers a complete list of your fleet, the descriptions of the machinery and matching imagery.

We’ve also found that online users are reluctant to pick up the phone and much prefer to complete an online form. Your PlantMiner profile offers a simple way to receive direct enquiries about your company.

New team of Client Managers

We’re dedicated to provide a valuable service to PlantMiner suppliers. We want you to succeed and win work.

For these reasons, we’ve recently created a new team of Client Managers who are solely focused on ensuring your accounts are set up correctly and that you’re getting the most out of your subscription. To get the leads you want to see, get in touch with your Client Manager and get your account listings up to date. Again, for your convenience, our State Client Managers are as follows:

Queensland suppliers – speak with Grace on 07 3193 4315

Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania suppliers – speak with Lily on 07 3193 4316

South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory suppliers – speak with Caitlin on 07 3193 4341

It’s these small tweaks that can result in a searcher finding your equipment first.



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