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7 reasons to attend industry expos, trade shows and events


Posted by PlantMiner
Attending industry expos, trade shows and events is an important part of your company’s public relations effort. It’s see and be seen. Here are seven reasons why you should attend industry related expos, trade shows and other events.


  1. Networking: Thousands of industry representatives attend expos and events each year. This is a great opportunity to exchange calling cards and meet other people in the same industry as you are. There is a chance that some of your industry friends are there as well and this is a good time to re-connect and build a stronger relationship with them.
  2. Catch up with what’s new in the industry: Trade shows, expos and other events showcase what’s new in the industry. Attending such events will expose you to new innovations or will let you know what’s becoming obsolete.
  3. Hands-on demonstrations: Exhibits and live demos are usually part of these events, and this is a good way to test out new products or services. If you are looking to purchase new equipment or want to use a new service, testing it out first before putting out money is important.
  4. Keeping up with your competitors: Chances are that your competitors will attend the same event as you, looking for some exposure. Don’t let them have all the fun, be present in events where your competitors are present.
  5. It saves you time: Got questions about that new equipment you’ve been meaning to purchase? Trade shows and expos allow you to ask questions and get an immediate response from company and industry representatives.
  6. Learn, learn, learn: Attending trade shows, expos and seminars are great ways to learn something new about the industry. You get new ideas for your business and, at the same time, learn from what other businesses are currently doing. This is also a good opportunity to teach others of what you know.
  7. It’s fun: Talking about ideas with like-minded people and exchanging a few jokes here and there is always fun. Don’t forget the free stuff you get from exhibitors!


Going to a trade show, expo or seminar will always be a good way to give exposure to your company. It lets other people know that your company isn’t run by robots – it’s always good to see the face behind the brand.

We make sure that PlantMiner gets the right exposure, so watch out for our guys on the next industry expo, trade show or seminar – if you hire plant and equipment they will be able to give you a demo on how our system can save you time and money sourcing quotes.


If you’re a plant, equipment or subcontracting company, they’ll be able to show you how you can generate new leads for your business, and win more work.

See you at the next industry event!

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