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Innovative ways to find plant, equipment and subcontractors

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Posted by PlantMiner
PlantMiner has achieved a significant milestone in business growth - we've reached our two year mark. The mining and construction industry has entrenched habits. There's a reluctance to change, especially when it comes to procurement habits. For many years, this meant that project managers, site foreman and estimators played a waiting game to find the plant, equipment and subcontractors they needed for a project.

There was the yellow pages, cold calling companies, blind google searches and waiting, waiting, waiting.

For two young men, their combined experiences as a civil engineer and chief solutionist, the opportunity cost of delays in procurement was enough to get them thinking of a new business idea.

What if - instead of trawling through many different avenues to find equipment and waiting for someone to give you a call back - you went to one place that directly connects you with local companies who have what you need.

PlantMiner.com.au, the construction marketplace launched by Michael Trusler and Mike Davis in 2013, promises just that.

There has to be an easier way

The mining and construction industry is one of the largest economies in Australia yet remained behind the curve when it came to embracing technology. “It was a long and arduous task taking hours out of my day" says Trusler of the cost of procurement delays. Time is money, and no one had efficient ways to solve this problem.

PlantMiner's proposal is simple: Let us know your job requirements and we will tailor the procurement process to your needs. In a few clicks and within a few minutes, our portal connects you to reputable suppliers near you.


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Celebrating two years

The growth we've experienced in our first two years of operation only highlights the market's need for an efficient procurement process.

For those hiring equipment, this means a FREE and hassle-free service that quickly finds you the plant, equipment or subcontractors to complete your job. For suppliers, this means saving time and money through valuable leads, managing multiple quote requests and cost-effective marketing solutions.

We'd like to thank the PlantMiner suppliers, searchers and team who have made the following statistics possible:

  • The launch of PlantMiner New Zealand, securing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in work awarded in the first 3 months alone
  • 11,000+ happy hirers, submitting a service request every 60 seconds
  • 549,000+ items for hire from 2,500+ PlantMiner suppliers showcasing their services, making us Australia's largest construction marketplace
  • 9,500,000 hours in work quoted
  • $100 million in work awarded to our suppliers between May 2013 and June 2015
  • Record growth months, like 113 % increase in revenue between January 2015 and February 2015
  • Winners of: iAwards Start Up Of The Year (2015), Deloitte Rising Star Award (2014)
  • Finalists for: Technology Release of the Year (Earthmover and Civil Contractors); Project Innovation (Contractor Awards); High Growth Business Start-up (Lord Mayors Business awards)
  • A workforce of close to 90 PlantMiner team members, growing by an average of 5 per month

Plant and Miner at our Two Year "Come As A Pair" Party


A problem to solve: the founders encountered a situation that didn't make sense to them and realise they wouldn't be the only ones who resented wasting so much time trying to source gear

Adapting to consumer needs: the way we innovate with our technology, through our website and our business development team, we can come up with a new fix within our service to ensure that the problem is solved.

How our growth can help your growth



PlantMiner is Australia's leading plant, equipment and subcontractor hire marketplace, connecting you with all your construction project hire needs in one place.