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PlantMiner makes one-stop-shopping a reality

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Posted by PlantMiner
Discover people with hire requests like yours who have found success with PlantMiner. The Instant Society only took hold because it enabled real gains. So when it comes to construction and mining, the most sought after qualities are efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

The history of commercial innovation has been characterised above all by the gradual abolition of waiting. The "Instant Society" has developed so inexorably that waiting is so unusual that many of us can't stand in a queue for 30 seconds without getting out our phones to check for messages or to Google something. ATM's gave us 24/7 access to our money, while increased portability meant that music and phones are always available. Now the internet and 4G mobile provide television, video, news, music, books and information on demand, and a teenager has designed an app to condense the world's new stories into a few words.

Why focus on service delivery?

A number of key drivers exist for project managers, quantity surveyors, contracts administrators, estimators, site managers and company owners. Namely, "make it easy for me", "give me choice" and "deliver me outcomes".

In today's market, time is an economic resource.

Professional and even personal responsibilities have become increasingly demanding. When we exchange time for money, we use time as a means to an end. We use the hours of our day to do things that we hope will make us happy, whether it be:

  • keeping your business profitable
  • completing a project on budget
  • keeping everyone safe on site
  • effectively managing your team
  • navigating red tape, contracts and budgetary restraints
  • building and strengthening your industry relationships
  • securing that next big project

If time is money, let's spend it properly

So how can we maximise the "utility" - satisfaction or happiness - we derive from the limited, if unknown, quantity of time we've been allotted?

PlantMiner’s proposal is simple: let us know your job requirements and we will tailor the procurement process to your needs. In a few clicks and within a few minutes, our portal connects you to reputable suppliers near you.

In rising to the challenge of the listed goals, PlantMiner continues to deliver a time and money saving tool. Here are just a few customer stories we've recently received:

PlantMiner.com.au has proven a time and cost save as one stop shop for all of our plant and equipment hire requirements. Hutchinson Builders

I had plenty of relevant phone calls for the excavator, which was a good thing! I was very happy with the response and the service provided by PlantMiner. I thought I’d have to make heaps of phone calls to source this bit of gear but they all came to me and I got a really good rate. I’ll definitely look to use PlantMiner again and even let my subbie know about you guys. Denmack Property

Plantminer saves me the time and effort of researching, calling and engaging with equipment hire companies and is an extremely cost effective tool that puts all of our requirements into one portal Downer Infrastucture

The service was really good. I received about 4 or 5 quotes which was exactly what I was wanting. I have used other similar services and haven’t received the same level of service as PlanMiner. If I’m looking to hire something in future I wouldn’t hesitate to use PlantMiner again. KMA

You have suppliers on your database that we have never heard of and would never have been able to find. It’s a great connection between the demand v.s. the supply and it’s something that we will definitely be utilizing from here on in. Pro Build Civil

The service was great, got 2 man lifts, which turned out much cheaper than hiring a single scissor lift. Usually have a preferred supplier and was surprisingly happy with the result. I work all around Australia and will definitely be using PlantMiner again for rates. Choice Electrical

I was really impressed with the service. It suited me well as I have 2 kids and work part time. All I had to do was make one call and in return got multiple quotes through email, exactly as requested. Private Hirer



PlantMiner is Australia's leading plant, equipment and subcontractor hire marketplace, connecting you with all your construction project hire needs in one place.