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3 advantages of setting default rates


Posted by PlantMiner

Whether you're a contractor or a supplier, saving time and money are likely to underpin your business efforts. When quoting, suppliers have to consider fleet or package requirements, location, duration, value, the client and more. The same is true for the contractors who are required to manage budgets, order materials, client objectives, resources and supply chains. For both parties to a hire contract, default rates represent an effective way to get the ball rolling. 

If you set comprehensive default rates based on different project types and requests, you can maximise opportunities in the following ways: 

1. You won't miss any opportunities

It's no secret that tendering or project proposals can be a ordeal for any contractor. They have to effectively juggle resources, budgets, evaluative criteria and supply chains in order to even be considered for the job. So why not make it easier for them? 

Setting default rates is a great way to make sure you're not missing out, simply because you're not in front of a computer often. We're in a time conscious industry, and many of us are on-site or running between meetings. Unfortunately, we hear time and time again of suppliers missing valuable opportunities simply because they weren't able to respond in a timely way. 

2. You can set a company median across teams

Whether you're a traditional owner-manager single location business or national multi-branch company, you're likely to be managing several different people or teams that quote on work. 

Default rates are useful to ensure similar prices are put forward for similar jobs.

3. You can save time 

A comprehensive list of requirement based pricing will help speed up your response time. Like a flow chart, you can consider hire or package requirements and send an almost automatic response to the quote request with prices and tailored company capabilities. 

First impressions matter, and a contractor will always favour those who recognise time management.  

So if you're looking to craft the perfect quoting email to accept a job, follow up a proposal or even strengthen industry networks, we've created 9 email templates to help you handle any quoting situation with efficiency. Download our the eBook below!

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