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3 reasons certified operators improve your bottom line


Posted by Monica Gameng

Have you ever had to weigh price vs quality for your project? Or questioned how important a certification really is? Oxford Economics took a deep look at the human resources challenges in the near future and found that 66% of companies are coming up short in putting together a workforce that will meet their business goals. In the mining and construction industries, certifications/tickets/licenses are an important way to build a specialised team for your next project. 

One way to show that you have the necessary skills and training for a certain job is to earn a job certification. Certifications are becoming important as these serve as proof that you have been properly trained to do a specific job that will be helpful to your career.

For good reason, most project managers will only consider certified applicants. With this in mind, we've listed the top three reasons why certified operators will improve your bottom line.

  1. Certified operators work more proficiently and safely

Operators who have earned certifications have been properly trained to do certain tasks and their skills have been honed to a certain level compared to those who don’t have certifications. When you obtain a certification in excavator operations, for example, you will have to train on how to properly and safely operate and maintain an excavator before you can get certified. Certifications are also looked upon favourably by employers – employers are ensured that their equipment are handled properly and with care, and jobs are done proficiently.

  1. Certified operators are more confident

Certified operators are more confident with their skills and tend to work more efficiently. Confident employees are also more productive as they know that they can do things correctly and professionally. Employers also have the tendency to hire confident people to work for them as they will help boost the productivity in the company – and a high productivity rate is an attractive assent for any business.

  1. Certified operators are more employable

Certifications are becoming an important requirement for employment, most especially in the mining and construction industries. Companies are looking to hire certified operators as they have more experience in handling heavy machinery. Hire companies or construction companies also have more confidence in certified operators as their skills have been proven when they obtained their training to get a certification.

Obtaining proper training for a specific skillset and a certification to back up those skills will help you in your advancement in your chosen career path. There are a number of certifications you can earn nowadays, so don’t limit yourself with just one.

As there are a wide array of certifications one should obtain in Australia, we have created a free downloadable glossary to help you understand more about the different certifications and licenses needed to work in the construction and mining industries in the country.

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Monica Gameng

Monica Gameng

Monica is a Marketing Assistant who handles blog content creation. She has a background in IT and has passion for research and writing.