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4 quick tips to make sure you're getting relevant hire rates for your project


Posted by PlantMiner

When was the last time you had to hire plant, equipment or a team of subcontractors for a project?

For many of us, receiving irrelevant hire rates for your project happens far too often. This can be due to not being specific enough with what you require, leaving out important information, or simply a misunderstanding between what you need, and what a supplier is providing rates on.

While we can't always prevent this from happening, there are some quick tips to follow to help ensure you get more relevant rates from plant, equipment and subcontracting suppliers. 

1. Be specific with your project Location 

Adding a location to your request for rates will ensure you are receiving quotes from suppliers located near your work site. Being specific with your location will help suppliers gauge any fluctuations in rates and it will be much more beneficial for a supplier to know your exact location (street number and address) over suburb region in case there are any access restrictions around your project site. 



2. Specify whether you need an operator

It's important to specify whether you require an operator for the gear you're hiring. If you do need to hire an operator for a machine, make sure you list out any tickets or licenses they may need to comply with your hire. You should also consider:

  • How much experience the operator has 
  • Proof of qualification and licenses of operator  

3. Set a start and end date for the project, and let supplier know if this changes.

Setting a clear start and end date for your hire request will ensure you receive quotes from companies who can service the full duration of your project. We understand that this may not be possible all the time (due to projects taking longer than expected), so if this is the case, make sure you’re keeping the line of communication open with the supplier you’ve hired through. They may be able to extend your hire, which will save you time spent running around looking for a replacement.



4. Indicate any additional requirements

Before you send a request for rates to a hire supplier, it's best to indicate any additional requirements you may have. This will help prevent any nasty surprises when you receive your hire invoice. Additional requirements may include:

  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Delivery/pickup (mob/demob)

All these factors will affect the rate of your hire, so if you need them covered, make sure your include them.

It's a powerful tool to know how to get the best value rates for your next project. To help with your procurement of plant and equipment, we've complied this FREE eBook, Wet vs Dry Hire Comparisonso you can consider which is the most economic and productive options for future jobs. 

wet and dry hire infograph

For more assistance on procuring rates for your next plant, equipment or subcontractor hire, get in touch with one of our Hire Professionals on 1300 550 434 or tell us what you need to hire and we’ll be in touch to define your exact requirements.



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