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5 leadership techniques to build a high performance construction company


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Posted by Gina Theron

Improving your business' productivity, performance and profitability will ensure you continue to grow and win more work. In order for this to happen,  you must follow a few steps and address some key aspects of your business strategy. Understand what it takes to be a high performing business.  

1. Be inspired 

30% of employees from low performance organisations don't believe that their senior leadership has an inspiring vision for their organisation. Employees who perform well and contribute to the health of a business are those who connect with the vision of the business. Teams who feel inspired and enjoy coming to work each day are the ones who get the results to sustain a successful business. As a leader you must strive to inspire your employees and create a working environment that supports this.  

2. Communication strategies 

For a business to thrive, you must set clear strategies and goals to give all employees the best chance at working toward the business vision and attain the set goals. Strategies and goals add focus and urgency to an employee's actions.  

3. Invest in your people

Employees should be continually developing and it's a business' responsibility to ensure their environment and role allows for this. Giving people incentives and special responsibilities can help them strive higher and work harder. As a business owner it's important that you take the time to acknowledge and thank your employees, this establishes a positive relationship. In most cases, employees strive to please their employer and will work hard and be loyal. As an employer, you must nurture this relationship to ensure the employee continues to work hard. 

4. Put customers first 

We've all heard it before - the customer is always right! And the truth is, if you want your business to succeed, your customers must come first. Go the extra mile - establish a relationship with your customers and place importance on the long term relationships rather than just the current work you're doing. Establishing loyalty will bring in more business down the track and an increased cash flow. 

5. Continual improvement 

Give your customers the best experience by continually improving your service offerings. Take note of customer feedback and make adjustments where appropriate. Adapting your business will increase your customer satisfaction and encourage loyalty. 

Showcase your business' capabilities using an effective business capability statement. High preforming businesses must be able to sell themselves to new customers to continue to grow and develop. Learn how to best present your business by downloading this free eBook. 

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Gina Theron

Gina Theron

Gina is a Marketing Coordinator at PlantMiner. She is a business and engineering student, and relishes working for one of Australia's greatest mining and construction disrupters. Harsh critic of tomatoes and spiders that surprise her.