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7 uses of plant and equipment that will surprise you


surprising uses
Posted by Gina Theron

A crucial part of being a plant supplier is your ability to describe your business capabilities - and that of your fleet. So when you're next writing a quote, or a tender offer, we hope the following list will at least make you smile. The creative uses of excavators, trucks and loaders below have to be seen to be believed (and definitely not repeated). 

A bridge 

Crossing a river with no bridge was no problem for this construction team - amazing what you can do with two excavators.

image_1.png image_2_.png 

image_3.png image_5.png

A swimming pool

Need to beat the heat but don't have a pool? - A truck will do the trick. 


Animal rescue

An elephant stuck in the mud would look like a lost cause to most people but this operator believed his excavator could get the job done.

elephant.jpg  elephant_exca.jpg


Hosting a large dinner party using the world's spiciest chillies? Let an excavator do the heavy lifting.


Wedding car

Trying to decide on the right wedding car for your big day? This front loader definitely made a statement! 


Theme park

Digging up the fun at this excavator theme park!


Water Sports

Water sports are a great way to cool off this Summer. No boat, no worries just hire an excavator!



Whether you're hiring equipment for their intended purpose or for your own creative DIY project, you'll always indicate whether you are wet or dry hiring. In order to guide you in your decision, we've created a wet vs dry hire comparison eBook. This will help you make an educated choice about what hire type is best for your project. 

wet and dry hire infograph

Gina Theron

Gina Theron

Gina is a Marketing Coordinator at PlantMiner. She is a business and engineering student, and relishes working for one of Australia's greatest mining and construction disrupters. Harsh critic of tomatoes and spiders that surprise her.