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How suppliers can grow their industry network online

The online marketplace has grown more than four-fold since 2012. If your company isn’t utilising online outlets as an extension of your sales funnel, then you’re likely missing out on new customers and failing to engage those who have already hired. This affects your customer lifetime value and in turn, you’ll see the monetary impact of that on your bottom line month after month.

What's on your construction site?

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When you walk past a construction site, it's easy to wonder what different types of equipment is required for different types of projects. If you're not familiar with the different kinds of projects, or even the type of machinery used, it's difficult to keep track.

Affordable Earthworx lands major client with PlantMiner


Affordable Earthworx’s high standard of work help reel in customers, but they have fought to capture that large scale project which gets their gear on site for a lengthy period. Within six months of listing as a PlantMiner supplier, Affordable Earthworx has increased their fleet utilisation, boosted their online presence … and landed a major client. 

Are you promoting your construction business efficiently?

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As the number of construction companies grow each year, competition has become more and more intense. In order to get maximise your client base, you have to be proactive in promoting your company by taking the time to plan and execute effective marketing strategies. 

WA Project Spotlight #tendertuesday



Western Australia, it's your turn! Find open Government tenders in your local area and take advantage of getting your bid in early for upcoming projects. 

How to present your business to potential customers


One of the most important steps in targeting supply chain opportunities is to communicate your capabilities effectively to other companies in the supply chain - those who can potentially use your products and services. The buyers have particular ways of operating and want to know they are dealing with the right kinds of suppliers. We'll show you some tips and hints that can help you describe your business capabilities to impress decision makers. 

Increase site safety with traffic management plans


Due to traffic in and around construction sites, traffic management plans have become one of the major solutions to worksite safety issues. Traffic in construction includes all motor vehicles as well as human traffic - pedestrians and workers alike.

How to build good relationships with your subcontractors


Subcontractors are a fundamental requirement for the execution of most larger construction projects. It is important to establish a good relationship with your subcontractors in order to encourage a positive work ethic and a quality finished product. Here is an outline of some of the areas we believe should be considered when working with subcontractors to help establish this positive relationship. 

5 tips to prevent breakdowns on site (and how to overcome them)


Machines nowadays are far more innovative than their predecessors, with the likes of GPS tracking systems, driverless functionality and robotics, yet they still require a human element to maintain and operate them, especially when they breakdown.

Victoria Project Spotlight #tendertuesday


Victoria, there's a truck load of projects in your local area and we've complied a list to help you take advantage of these upcoming opportunities. 

The lingo of a conforming tender


While it's important to know what to write when responding to a tender, it's equally useful to look at how to write. Learn about the key terms that decide the difference between a conforming tender application and a giant waste of time. 

Developer secures three stages of $2 billion Parramatta Square development


Following an exhaustive selection process, Walker Corporation has been chosen by Parramatta City Council to complete Stage Two, Five and Six of the $2 billion Parramatta Square project. The developer will transform the Parramatta skyline with three landmark buildings worth $1.2 billion.

How local suppliers will improve your tender applications


State Governments spend billions of dollars each year on goods, services and capital works. As government procurement is undertaken on behalf of the community, it is regulated to ensure decisions made deliver the best value for money for the taxpayer's dollar. Find out how to respond to a tender the right way - by highlighting the benefits of dealing with local suppliers.

4 quick tips to make sure you're getting relevant hire rates for your project


When was the last time you had to hire plant, equipment or a team of subcontractors for a project?

For many of us, receiving irrelevant hire rates for your project happens far too often. This can be due to not being specific enough with what you require, leaving out important information, or simply a misunderstanding between what you need, and what a supplier is providing rates on.

NSW Project Spotlight #tendertuesday



NSW, be first in line for all local projects with this list of open tenders in your area! 

#tendertuesday is a series of posts designed to give an overview of open tenders across Australia.  We've dug up a list of some of the public and selective tenders currently available through the NSW Government.

5 technology trends to keep an eye on


As technology progresses, industries progress with it, and our industry is no exception. Change is afoot; construction companies, civil plant operators and technology companies are starting to analyse the industry as a whole and find ways to improve productivity. Here are our top 5 emerging technologies to keep an eye on.

7 Advantages of using mini excavators


Small and compact, the demand for mini excavator hire has skyrocketed in the past decade. They might look tiny compared to their heavy duty big brother, but mini excavators can still pack a mean punch.

July Employees of the month


PlantMiner continues to expand its resources to keep up with the ever growing demand of plant, equipment and subcontractor services in Australia. Once again, we have outgrown our expectations in terms of growth with the team. 

Top 10 industry-related LinkedIn groups to follow


In today's business climate, a metric of success can be found by client base. Whether it be an expansive network of clients, followers and acquaintances, it's paramount to have contacts in the industry that can help your business grow.

QLD Project Spotlight #tendertuesday


Introducing the PlantMiner #tendertuesday series!

Avid Hire find 'fantastic outcomes' with PlantMiner


When the company first started in 2011, Avid Hire focused on crosshiring equipment to larger hire companies. But what Mark found was that more and more firms were affected by the downturning market, and companies began to consolidate existing equipment and dispose of assets. It was increasingly difficult to utilise his fleet and the decision was made to adopt a more direct approach to the market.