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Whats Hot Wednesday: WA


Check out the latest infrastructure and construction trends near you! We've caught up with our WA Business Development Managers to give you an update on what's going on in the industry in WA.

Tenders invited for $103.8 million Newcastle road project


Tenders from prequalified contractors have been invited for construction of the $103.8 million duplication of Tourle Street and Cormorant Road at Kooragang Island.

Management systems: creating a stand-out company profile


Management systems are an important part of your business profile as it shows how capable you are to direct and supervise what happens in your office and on site. In order to convince customers to hire from you, you have to show them that you can and will handle certain events efficiently and orderly.

Compare marketing and lead generation platforms for your plant hire or subcontractor company


We highlight your great work. You get more business.

Our goal here at PlantMiner is to show off your business to our more than 15,000 thousand hirers so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about where that next job is going to come from.

What to expect for the next year in residential construction


A strong indicator of a state's economic growth is whether they are experiencing strong waves of commercial and residential works. However, the housing market is cyclical and top developers should prepare for changes in demand for instructrure, engineering work, civil and public work, architercture and other design services. 

Zaxcav8 sees 2,093% ROI with PlantMiner


Established in 2007, Zaxcav8 Civil Contractors is a leading supplier for civil works and haulage in South East Queensland and more recently, Auckland New Zealand. With a focus on reducing their downtime, they realised that in order to reach this goal they had to focus on establishing a streamlined marketing strategy that drew traffic to their brand and helped increase qualified leads for their business.

What's Hot Wednesday: VIC & SA

Insider, Projects

VIC and SA, want to know what's hot this Wednesday? We sit down with our Project Experts and Business Development Managers to dish the dirt on the latest trends in plant and equipment hire, subcontractor requests, upcoming projects and more.

How to build referrals for your business


You will often hear businesses telling you that a substantial number of their new customers are a result of word of mouth. So how do you get your customers talking about you? Providing exceptional service is the first and most important step in the right direction. By following a few simple suggestions you can increase your number of referrals and almost guarantee your customers will spread the word!

Specialised equipment: an up and coming trend


There are certain mining and construction projects that require a special type of equipment for the job, that's why niche or specialised equipment is #trending more than ever in the mining and construction industries.

9 tips to an effective toolbox talk


Toolbox talks are an effective way of providing workers with relevant, site-specific safety information. It's an engaging meeting which, if delivered correctly, can make a real impact on the productivity and risk management on your work site.

How effectively do you target supply chain opportunities? 


A supply chain consists of all parties involved, directly or indirectly, in fulfilling a customer request. With billions of dollars spent each year on goods, services and capital works, learning how to target supply chain opportunities has never been more important. For construction companies, this means there are many opportunities on an annual basis to tender, subcontract or supply to these government or commercial projects.

What's Hot Wednesday: NSW / ACT


What's hot this Wednesday? We sit down with our NSW & ACT Equipment Hire Business Development Manager, Morgan Jones, to take a look at the latest infrastructure updates and construction trends happening around the region.

Interview: HRIA's Rental Company of the Year 2015


Medium sized equipment hire suppliers all experience the same challenges to be successful - reputation, knowledge of the market and competitors, delivery of quality product and services by knowledgeable and friendly staff. So how do companies meet these challenges? We catch up with HRIA Rental Company of the Year, Prime Rentals, to discuss what they're doing differently.

Turnbull effect on construction industry

Insider, News

The sudden and extraordinary ballot last night saw Malcolm Turnbull become Australia's fifth prime minster in five years after toppling Tony Abbott in a leadership coup by 54 votes to 44. Turnbull has vowed 'a different style of leadership' to tackle the nation's economic problems, but how does this translate to the challenges in developing Australia crucial national building infrastructure?

Project Spotlight: $1b NSW stadium upgrade


NSW is hitting the ball out of the park with their new construction plan, focused towards embracing and nurturing the country's sporting culture. The belief that NSW stadiums are contributors to the economy through tourism, business investment and employment are the main drivers behind this game changing project proposal.

Track record and its importance in the hire industry


The trust and confidence of the consumer can have a direct and profound effect on a company’s bottom line. Being able to effectively communicate your track record directly affects your industry reputation, so we've listed the top tips to make sure your business instills confidence at every turn. 

Wet VS dry hire: considerations for your bottom line


When hiring equipment for your next project it's important to consider all factors that may affect your bottom line, and making a decision between wet (meaning you require an operator with the machine) or dry hire (meaning you'll source your own operator) is a cruicial part of this process.

What's Hot Wednesday: Queensland


Queensland's residential market is booming - many business are seeing great ROI from capitalising on these projects. But like any construction trend, what's most popular is constantly evolving. 

Regional Spotlight: NT, ACT, TAS #tendertuesday


#tendertuesday is a series of posts digging up current government tenders from across the country. Ticking off tenders state-by-state, each week we compile a list for a different state to help you keep up-to-date with projects on the rise in your local area!  

This week we're doing a Regional Spotlight... NT, ACT and TAS listen up! We're keeping you in the loop with a list of some current government tenders which could win you work! 

3 tips to improve your customer service


Successful business inherently mean strong relationships with customers. There’s many ways to advance your standing with your most valuable clients, all it takes is a little initiative from you and your company.

5 project announcements that started September with a bang


The first week of September has seen contracts awarded, tenders called for and projects announced. We've dug up the industry latest in QLD, WA, NSW, VIC and SA. 

24 of the world's most eye-wateringly over budget projects


The ultimate achievement for any construction company is to be able to report that the project came in on-time and on-budget. Learn the difference between a streamlined procurement method and the delays that can result in infamy. 

6 things successful builders do differently


Starting and running your own building business is just like starting any other type of business. You start out with an idea, then you create a business plan based on that idea, and then start executing those plans to bring your ideas to life.

SA Project Spotlight #tendertuesday


South Australia, find tender opportunities near you with #tendertuesday! This series of weekly posts lists current government tenders from across the country and this week we're digging up projects in South Australia.