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Northern Connector jobs will go to local residents


With the $985 million Northern Connector project expected to create about 480 jobs during each year of the motorway construction, the State Government this week announced the establishment of a Northern Connector Jobs Taskforce.

Happy holidays from PlantMiner! We've got a present for you


Happy holidays from the team at PlantMiner! Since our offices officially close today for the Christmas break, we decided to celebrate by giving back to our great readers -- that means you. 

What's damaging the health of your fleet?


Your fleet forms the basis of your construction company’s operations and productivity. The entire company rely on this equipment and tools in order to finish projects efficiently. What a lot of contractors don’t realise is that their machines are slowly deteriorating without them noticing.

6 steps to hiring equipment more effectively

Insider, Equipment

An upcoming project can include offers from plant and equipment suppliers of all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right hire company for your project and overall business objectives is an important task with numerous factors at play. Your decision to contract someone for a component of your job can seriously affect the budget and delivery of your project. We've gathered feedback from hundreds of projects across Australia and found that the following 6 steps are the most important factors to consider before entering into an agreement. 

How PlantMiner's new business development team has helped local suppliers win over $37mil worth of work


If I followed you around work for a day, what would I observe? How much of your day are you able to spend on finding more customers, better contracts or moving towards achieving your business goals? To keep your employees busy, you need more than industry knowledge, but strong business development skills to get in front of prospective clients who remember your company when it’s time to request a bid for upcoming projects. For many hire and subcontractor companies, it's increasingly difficult to find the time and resources needed each week to work on effective business development. 

$170m Yeppen floodplains project commissioned


Queensland is all too familiar with the impact of Summer storms on infrastructure and aware of the inconveniences which may result. The commissioning of this $170 million road project is aimed at reducing this inconvenience and eliminating the chances of road flooding. The Bruce highway is prone to being cut off by severe weather in the Yeppen Floodplain. This results in an inconvenience to motorists and negatively impacts the economy due to interrupting industry transportation. 

3 tips to becoming a high-margin contractor


What would an average day in your job look like? Do you spend most of the day calling subcontractors and suppliers and visting jobsites? Or are you more likely to be scheduling, pricing bids, telling supervisors what to do, or making sure that all deliveries are made? Most construction business owners and managers work hard on tasks but don't focus on what truly helps to make their companies better. It's time to decide if your activities help improve your margins, find better customers, win better contracts or move you toward achieving your overall goals. 

Victoria to partner with Transurban on $5.5 billion Western Distributor Project


The Andrews Labor Government will partner with Transurban to build the $5.5 billion Western Distributor Project, which includes the Monash Freeway Upgrade and upgrades to Webb Dock.

Key measures to safeguard your team on road projects


Protecting your workers on road projects will require a detailed assessment and thorough training. When coordinating a range of tasks and individuals, safety can be overlooked with procedures ignored and short cuts taken. This has lead to injury and even death for road workers. With the correct policies and action plan in place, this could easily be avoided. However, there are many aspects to manage and include in your safety plan, so we've made a list of the few standout techniques. 

How to measure the health of your fleet (and what to do next)


The cost of equipment is high, but as many equipment suppliers know, the cost of unused equipment is even higher. For too many hire companies, the changing market of construction and mining has meant that they're struggling to hire off their depreciating assets. Understanding the cost of sitting equipment and what to consider before supplying a machine can help fleet managers build smarter strategies. 

5 mobile technology myths in the construction industry, debunked


Technological advancements have been a big help to construction businesses streamline their processes. In short, mobile technology allows employees to effectively and efficiently communicate with each other, as well as their customers.

5 steps to prequalifying subcontractors


Choosing subcontractors is an important decision which can directly effect the completion and profitability of your project. So how are you currently choosing your subcontractors? Selecting the lowest bid or hiring a friend within the industry is a casual approach and can at times become a costly method. Prequalifying your subcontractors is a safe and educated selection process. By evaluating their financial state, safety procedures, reputation and more you have the ability to use facts to help lock in a quality subcontractor. These five tips are a handy guide to analysing the businesses you're thinking of engaging.   

How to manage the new generation of construction workers


Just as previous generations have contributed to the industry, the current generations have and will too. In fact, millennials will soon overtake the baby boomers as the largest portion of the workforce. So just who are the millennials? And how are they different from preceding generations of construction professionals? 

Are your qualifications TMR certified?


If you're an engineer, supervisor, pipe layer, leading hand or general civil construction worker, it's a safe bet that you've been required to take a traffic management implementation program. However, you might not know that the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) in Queensland has restructured their materials and delivery so that accredited persons should be carrying an approved traffic management implementation card with them on TMR controlled roads. You may now be asking yourself: did my RTO include this as part of my course? and what does it mean if they didn't? 

Roads Australia Annual Luncheon

Insider, Projects

Last Friday I had the pleasure of joining the QLD CCF team at their table for the Road Australia Annual Luncheon at Customs House. Since 1952, Roads Australia have been providing a forum for the many stakeholders of the road sector – industry and government – to come together and work cooperatively and effectively. The event brought together industry leaders to celebrate the year that was, and to galvanize the industry leading into 2016.

7 uses of plant and equipment that will surprise you


A crucial part of being a plant supplier is your ability to describe your business capabilities - and that of your fleet. So when you're next writing a quote, or a tender offer, we hope the following list will at least make you smile. The creative uses of excavators, trucks and loaders below have to be seen to be believed (and definitely not repeated).