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Australia's first long-term national infrastructure plan released


infrastructure plan
Posted by Gina Theron

The Australian Government has welcomed the release of Infrastructure Australia's 15-year Australian Infrastructure Plan, which sets out an ‘Infrastructure Priority List’ of more than 90 potential projects around the country and an extensive set of recommendations relevant to all levels of government about reforms to improve the delivery of infrastructure nation-wide. The Australian Infrastructure Plan is the first long-term national infrastructure plan, based on a top down audit of the nation's assets, developed in the nation's history.

The plan lays out a comprehensive package of reforms, with 78 recommendations focused on improving the way we invest in, deliver and use our nation’s infrastructure. The formulation of the Plan is predicated on the view that, as a nation, we must recapture the reform spirit of the 1980s and 1990s, and initiate a new wave of policy and legislative reforms. We should focus on extracting the greatest value from existing infrastructure, while sustainably funding new investments to deliver better services for all Australians.  With a 15 year outlook, the plan maps out the infrastructure challenges and opportunities Australia can expect to face. The changes proposed by Infrastructure Australia at set to save the average Australian household $3000 a year by 2040. 

Chairman, Mark Birrell, believes that Australia can get the infrastructure it need and improve living standards and productivity if it acts now. The plan prioritises the user - so those commuters waiting for public transport, the families paying their builds and the business looking to engage the overseas market. 

“Our Plan sets out 78 recommendations for reform and provides a vision and roadmap to address today's infrastructure gaps, and set us up to meet the challenges of tomorrow,” - Mark Birrell.

Alongside infrastructure Australia's plan is their Infrastructure priorities list, identifying 93 projects and initiatives. The list comprises of a consensus of submissions from a range of Government and community bodies, all of which is assessed by Infrastructure Australia's board.   

“The Priority List is ultimately a platform for better infrastructure decisions—it provides rigorous, independent advice to governments and the public on the infrastructure investments Australia needs.” Mr Birrell

Key investments recommended are: 

  • New metro rail systems in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane;
  • Road and rail initiatives to bust urban congestion in Perth;
  • Public transport improvements in Adelaide and Canberra;
  • Urban renewal in Hobart; and
  • Metropolitan water supply upgrades to support Darwin's growing population.

If the plan is correctly implemented, the people of Australia can expect more affordable, innovative and competitive energy, telecommunications, water and transport services. Incentives for change include linking Commonwealth payments to State and Territory governments for infrastructure to the delivery of national reform objectives. Infrastructure Australia will update the plan at least every 5 years. 

For more information and to access the full information documents head to the Infrastructure Australia website

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Gina Theron

Gina Theron

Gina is a Marketing Coordinator at PlantMiner. She is a business and engineering student, and relishes working for one of Australia's greatest mining and construction disrupters. Harsh critic of tomatoes and spiders that surprise her.