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Matilda Equipment continues to grow its fleet of VisionLink enabled machines

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Recently PlantMiner announced their national partnership with SITECH which is helping construction professionals across Australia better track their equipment location and monitor usage.

Project spotlight: Wind Farm developments in Australia


As more people become concerned about the different environmental impacts traditional power generation – such as coal and natural gas – can create, investors and developers have recognised the value of renewable energy sources.

How to easily fast track excavation on wind farm projects

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Wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source for electricity generation in Australia. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of states have recognised the opportunities that wind energy offers and some of the country's largest wind farms are being built in our south-western, southern, and south-eastern regions. So with big interest in big energy, project proponents are also turning to smarter and more efficient ways to build wind farms. To learn more, we caught up with Spiro Xypolitos, General Manager of Force One Australia, to discuss the technology they've developed to clear the footings of wind turbines before form work begins. 

PlantMiner announces national partnership with SITECH

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Australia’s largest online construction marketplace and construction technology leader partner to improve access to equipment telematics information.

MPC Earthmoving boosts leads and revenue with PlantMiner


About MPC Earthmoving

Eather Group moves into niche projects and connects with new contractors and builders


About Eather Group

Eather Group operates a mid-size fleet in Sydney, New South Wales and specialises in everything bulk excavation, waste and select mining work.

$11.2 million worth of energy services contracts secured by Valmec


Valmec, Australian energy services group, secured new and additional contracts worth approximately $11.2 million which aids in continuing to build its order book.

Olympic Dam extension contract secured by Mitchell Services


Mitchell Services’ underground drilling contract at BHP’s Olympic Dam mine in South Australia has been extended.

John Holland to transform Macquarie Park


John Holland has been appointed as the preferred developer to deliver Property NSW’s site on Waterloo Road in Macquarie Park as a thriving commercial precinct.

Top 6 technology advancements changing the face of construction


Construction is a $10 trillion global industry but productivity - the total economic output per worker - in the industry has remained flat. This is partly because of the slow adoption of new technologies. The following are the top six technology advancements changing the face of construction.