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Employee of the Month: September


We're building a company people love, and so we invest in our team members. As of September 2015, we've grown to 112 specialists in business development, procurement, tenders, tech, customer service, HR and marketing. As we build and specialise, winning employee of the month is no easy task! 

July Employees of the month


PlantMiner continues to expand its resources to keep up with the ever growing demand of plant, equipment and subcontractor services in Australia. Once again, we have outgrown our expectations in terms of growth with the team. 

June Employees of the month

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Another month down, another month to recognise the hard work of our valuable staff. Since April, our team has grown another 15 staff, making it 85 in June 2015 - so believe me when we say how hard it is to pick our employees of the month.

May Employees of the Month


PlantMiner continues to expand its resources to keep up with the ever growing demand of plant and equipment hire in Australia. We started April with 70 employees and grew to a team of 78 by the close of May. In fact, June is expected to grow to 85+ employees.

April Employees of the Month


PlantMiner.com.au has rapidly grown since launching in 2013 and one of the biggest indicators is our ever increasing workforce. Starting with a handful of members in 2012, we have developed to a team of over 70 in April 2015.

March Employees of the Month


Congratulations to…(drumroll please)… PlantMiner exists to simplify the plant and equipment hiring process. We are committed to providing unparalleled service to our suppliers and searchers in all aspects of our business, becoming a one-stop-shop for all procurement needs. PlantMiner has always heavily invested in sourcing quality and hard-working team members and we’re extremely fortunate to be surrounded by so many!

Employee of the month: Tom Moloney


PlantMiner is extremely fortunate to have a team of hard-working employees, all on a journey to help simplify the plant & equipment hiring process for both equipment searchers and equipment suppliers.