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CLARA reveals plans for high-speed rail connecting Sydney and Melbourne

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Posted by Monica Gameng

Private company, Consolidated Land and Rail Australia (CLARA) Pty Ltd has just released a proposal for a high-speed rail network connecting Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. The project is expected to have a price tag of $200 billion, but CLARA claims that it will not cost taxpayers a cent since it is going to be privately funded.

The high-speed rail network claims it will 'place citizens in our capital cities in less time than a morning commute and is predicted to reach speeds up to 430km/h.

It's proposed the plan will help rebalance the Australian settlement by building “new, regional compact, sustainable smart cities and connect them by the world’s most advanced high speed rail”.

The proposal includes the construction of eight brand new island cities between the three capitals. Land deals have already been secured near existing towns for these regional hubs. Six of the new “advanced, sustainable, smart cities” will be placed in NSW while two will be in VIC according to the proposal. If the project receives support from the three levels of the Australian government, construction could start within five years.

They claim that one of the biggest advantages from the project will be “building new cities to decentralise our population” and will offer “untold benefits to our capitals and to our regions”.

For phase one of the project, $13 billion will be committed for a high speed rail into northern VIC as well as for the development of two new cities which will be completed within 30 years. According to CLARA, the first stage of these new cities will be operational within a decade. 

Source: CLARA

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Monica Gameng

Monica Gameng

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