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Gain unprecedented access to New Zealand’s hire market

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Posted by PlantMiner
In an industry where speed is king, PlantMiner’s platform trims every ounce of technical fat from the procurement development cycle. As a result, we can deliver unchartered access to the hire market across New Zealand.

How you can use PlantMiner NZ

In a nutshell, companies can use PlantMiner to review a large range of qualified quotes for each project requirement.

Whether it’s a portaloo for the weekend or a 100 tonne excavator for a year, hiring has never been so easy.

Paddy Molloy, a Project Engineer at New Zealand Strong, calls PlantMiner an effective tool because in one phone call or email, it lets you maximise your time efficiency, accessing reputable suppliers that make up a large portion of the market.

I was introduced to PlantMiner by my Director who asked me to give it a go.  Generally, I have to ring around to get quotes. On this occasion I just gave PlantMiner my requirements and requested to be emailed each time I received a quote. I was easily able to track suppliers that were quoting to me and if I needed to, I could talk to suppliers myself.

At the end of the process, I could download all the information into excel spreadsheet and match it with my project management software. Will certainly be using PlantMiner on future projects.

Overall, PlantMiner can improve your quoting process by days and months.

Find quotes your own way

Our platform allows you to tailor the procurement process from the get-go:


With PlantMiner, hirers can choose to work with their existing plant reps, or find other suppliers to complete the job. You can add existing PlantMiner suppliers to your favourite supplier list or invite your preferred company or representative to join.

We respect any agreements or existing contacts you have in place, we’re just simplifying the process for you by ensuring you make one direct call, rather than multiple unanswered.

Increased visibility

Across the board, PlantMiner helps a company gain visibility into what’s happening in the procurement development lifecycle. By using PlantMiner, you can easily meet your project specifications and receive timely and competitive quotes.

This helps you keep track of projects in development and allows you to connect with more hire companies.

If more options for your future project appeal to you, contact our New Zealand tender specialist, Justin Bartved. Send an email to justin.bartved@plantminer.co.nz or call 021 947 699 / 09 9640 463. 



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