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Gateway South wins Darlington upgrade project


Darlington upgrade project
Posted by Gina Theron

Exciting news for Fulton Hogan and Laing O'Rourke over the Christmas period, having been awarded the Darlington upgrade project. They will work as a joint venture, Gateway South, to deliver the $620 million project. This job, under its new and extended scope, is set to bring large benefits to traffic flow, improving commuting, business and the South Australian economy. 


The $620 million Darlingtion interchange project is part of the broader $2.5 billion North-South Road Corridor upgrade. It's jointly funded by Australian and State Government with $496 million being federally funded and $124 million by state. 


Adelaide based project, upgrading approximately 3.3 kilometers of the existing Main South Road.

Scope of works:

  • Non-stop motorway between the Southern Expressway and Tonsley Boulevard
  • A lowered non-stop motorway passing underneath Flinders Drive, Strut Road, Sutton Road/Mimosa Terrace and Tonsley Boulevard 
  • Grade separation of the Main South Road/Ayliffes Road/Shepherds Hill Road intersection
  • Main South Road (at grade) service roads along both sides of the lowered motorway to provide connections to Flinders Drive, Sturt Road and most local roads
  • Full free flow interchange at the Southern Expressway/Main South Road with dedicated ramps providing direct access to the new motorway and Main South Road

Recent changes to scope:

  • Extension of the non-stop motorway 1km further north along Main South Road, also grade separating the Ayliffes Road/Shepherds Hill Road and Tonsley Boulevard intersections.
  • Inclusion of a bridge between Sutton Road and Mimosa Terrace to provide enhanced east-west connectivity.
  • Inclusion of a right turn out of Brookside Road onto Main South Road for northbound motorists.
  • Removal of impact on Warriparinga - the project will no longer encroach into the Warriparinga area.
  • Realignment of the Flinders Drive extension to connect to Birch Crescent. The junction of Birch Crescent and Sturt Road will be signalised to enable safe traffic movements in and out of Clovelly Park. This will also provide enhanced connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists between Tonsley/Clovelly Park and the Flinders precinct through a dedicated path and bicycle path along the Flinders Drive extension.
  • Realignment of Sturt Road/Main South Road intersection to retain on-street parking in front of Sturt Road businesses and left turn into Maple Avenue. This will also ensure that the remnant vegetation immediately west of this building is not impacted.
  • Enhanced cycling and walking facilities through the provision of separated, two-way cycling paths and dedicated footpaths along both sides of the corridor.
  • Removal of the proposed new road connection from Flinders Drive through the Francis Street Reserve.

Who's involved:

The project was awarded to Gateway South on the 20th December 2015 - a joint venture between Fulton Hogan and Laing O'Rourke. Both companies are committed to the local community and its involvement in the project, resulting in increased employment for South Australia.  

“As Australia’s largest privately-owned engineering and construction company, Laing O’Rourke is committed to bringing both local capability and our national major infrastructure experience to this exciting project for Adelaide and South Australia.”- Pat Cashin (Laing O’Rourke Region Director) 

Project dates:

Commencing early 2016 and expected completion is by the end of 2018.

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Gina Theron

Gina Theron

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