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Website launched to help jobseekers find work on the $985m Northern Connector project


Northern Connector Project. Image taken from NorthHub website
Posted by Kerri McGrath

The main contractor on the Northern Connector project, Lendlease, has launched a website linking jobseekers to vacancies on the $985m project. NorthHub will be the go-to centre for any updates and information about the project. 

The website will act as an employment, skills and training centre and a one-stop location for jobseekers in the market for one of the project's estimated 480 jobs per year. 

Jobseekers will be able to create a profile, explore opportunities, track current applications and create a job alert for when new opportunities are posted. You can already head to the website to browse live job opportunities and register your expressions of interest for future roles. 

Northhub will also act as a vocational education and training centre and provide support the job and training hub that is being developed on-site at Waterloo Corner.

The State Government has committed to ensuring that at least 50% of the workers are hired from Adelaide's northern suburbs and Lendlease's historical support for local workers is expected to continue throughout the Northern Connector project.

We love that the Government and Lendlease are supporting local workers. Check out our eBook below on why it's great to support local businesses. 

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Source: AEOL

Kerri McGrath

Kerri McGrath

Kerri is a content specialist with PlantMiner and the first point of contact for the company. Her hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner.