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John Holland awarded Green Square Library & Plaza construction contract in Sydney

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Posted by Monica Gameng

John Holland has been awarded the contract to construct the Green Square Library and Plaza project in Sydney. The project includes a new civic plaza as well as an underground library building and amphitheatre. 

Regional General Manager, Scott Olsen, said he’s "delighted that John Holland would be building a critical and innovative piece of infrastructure for the community of Green Square and the City of Sydney Council." 

About the Green Square Library and Plaza project

Green-Square-library-from-Fellmonger-Street.jpgConcept design (source: City of Sydney)

The Green Square Library and Plaza will be the centrepiece of the Green Square Town Centre in Sydney. The design by Stewart and Hollenstein Architects features an underground living room and a seven storey glass tower which will be home to community rooms, reading rooms as well as a technology suite.

The development application for this project was first approved on February 2015. Early works started in July which will prepare the site for the construction phase in the coming months. The project is expected to be completed early 2018.

Green-Square-plaza-and-library-from-Paul-Street.jpgConcept design (source: City of Sydney)

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Source: John Holland LinkedIn page, Sydney Your Say and City of Sydney

Monica Gameng

Monica Gameng

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