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NT $19.4m State Square Underground Car Park project to create 165 jobs


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Posted by Monica Gameng

A major milestone has been reached by the Northern Territory Government’s $19.4 million State Square Underground Car Park project, with the beginning of excavation works at the site.

This project will be relocating the four existing surface car parks to the new underground car park, which will free up green space as well as reduce heat in the State Square precinct and allow the area for further development in the future.

The reclaimed land from relocating the existing car parks will be transformed with landscaping, walkways, cycle paths, shade, cooling water features and social or relaxing areas.

The construction of the new underground parking as well as the rebuilding of State Square is the first step towards the revitalisation of Darwin to make it a cooler and a more public-friendly destination.

“This project will help cool the city and create more parklands, green initiatives, walkways and improved amenities for Territorians and visitors to enjoy the city,” Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Eva Lawler said.

state_square_underground_car_parkSource: City of Darwin

The State Square Underground Car Park will have space for approximately 450 cars, including public parking, and six Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. The new underground facility will also have a dual role as a cyclone shelter with the ability to accommodate up to 600 people.

This multi-million dollar project will be creating 60 direct jobs and support a further 165 jobs during the construction phase.

Major construction is projected to take up 16 months to complete, and excavation works are expected to last 10 weeks.

With the State Government revitalisation projects, the Darwin CBD is going to be transformed into a tropical world-class destination that will boost the region’s tourism and enhance its liveability.

“This is great news for the construction industry, as well as for CBD retailers and shop owners,” Ms Lawler said.

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Source: Northern Territory Government Newsroom; City of Darwin; Get Building

Monica Gameng

Monica Gameng

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