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Qld Govt commits over $500m to pave the way for Brisbane's Cross River Rail 


Artist's impression of the Cross River Rail's Woolloongabba Station
Posted by Kerri McGrath

Over the next eight years the Palaszczuk Government will invest $634m to fund QLD's proposed Cross River Rail in Brisbane - have a look here to see on what's entailed. 

Investing in a world-class European Train Control System (ETCS) is the first step in paving the way for this essential infrastructure project. 

Adoption of the ETCS is subject to final approvals, but it is set to increase inner-city rail capacity by 20%. The system will allow an extra 12,000 people through the CBD each peak period, and an extra 21 million commuters to move through the CBD by rail each year. 

The signaling system to be installed between Milton and Northgate stations will support 120 jobs per year over the eight-year implementation period. 

CRR.jpgArtist's impression of proposed Cross River Rail. Source:Brisbane Development

The State government are investing $50m in the next financial year to establish a Cross River Rail Delivery Authority to oversee the final planning and delivery of the project.

The Authority will be able to commence early works on the project, including gaining environmental impact approvals, scoping of value share opportunities and commencing appropriate procurement activities. 

The State Government will consider further contributions to the project after the independent infrastructure advisor, Building Queensland, presents final recommendations and the business case.

Once finalised, the business case for Cross River Rail will be provided to Infrastructure Australia in a bid for funding from the Federal Government. 

Stay tuned for updates on QLD's number one infrastructure project. 

Source: QLD Govt

Kerri McGrath

Kerri McGrath

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