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South Australian Government invests $12.1bn on public infrastructure


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Posted by Monica Gameng

The South Australian Government is investing approximately $12.1 billion on infrastructure which means that a record number of South Australians will be working on public infrastructure projects in 2017.

“2017 promises to be another year of major achievements and milestones for the State Government, with billions of dollars of investment in public infrastructure,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Housing, and Urban Development Stephen Mullighan.

Mr Mullighan highlighted in a statement a number of new major projects – worth more than $1.5 billion – which will support over 1,300 jobs this 2017. The list of new projects include:

The projects mentioned above are in addition to the 130 ongoing infrastructure projects which are part of the $12.1 billion investment to be carried over the next four years. These ongoing projects include:

“These vital transport, infrastructure and urban development projects, such as the billions being spent upgrading the North-South Corridor, will generate enormous benefits in terms of economic activity and job creation.

“The Government’s paramount focus on maximising the benefits of this massive investment for South Australians will result in the creation of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic benefits to local businesses,” Mr Mullighan said.

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Source: Premier of South Australia

Monica Gameng

Monica Gameng

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