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The Top 6 Construction Projects You Missed Out On This Year

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Koodaideri Mine in Western Australia
Posted by Aidan Ptasznik

PlantMiner’s Online Construction Marketplace is routinely relied upon for the procurement of plant and equipment on some of Australia’s largest projects. We've compiled this list of the top 6 construction projects that have come through our marketplace so far in 2019, to give insight into some of the opportunities that were available to PlantMiner suppliers (and that you may have missed out on) this year alone.   

1. Snowy Hydro 2.0  NSW  


Source: The Australian

The largest renewable project in Australia, Snowy 2.0 is the first major expansion of the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme since its initial phase back in 1974. Once constructed, it will create up to 2,400 jobs and generate enough energy to power 500,000 homes. The Federal Government has officially approved the project iFebruary 2019, and committed to an investment of up to AUD 1.38 billion. Access roads are currently being completed on site. 

Some of the items sourced through PlantMiner for this project includearticulated dump trucks, water carts, fuel tanker trucks, excavators (over 60T), compactors and dozers. 

2. Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project – VIC


Source: Geotechnical Engineering

This $11 billion transport infrastructure project will create a 9km twin rail tunnel under the city, vastly improving the efficiency of Melbourne’s central rail system. By removing three of the city's busiest train lines (Pakenham, Cranbourne, and Sunbury) and adding five new underground stations, an additional half a million passengers will be able to travel across the network during peak periods.  

Early works on the project were well underway by the start of 2019, with the first tunnel-boring machine arriving in February. The project is currently scheduled for completion in 2025. 

Some of the items requested through PlantMiner for this project include: telescopic clamshell excavator, self-propelled modular transporter, HIAB crane, tipper trucks, front-end loaders, and Moxy dump trucks. 

3. Koodaideri Iron Ore Mine – WA 


Source: International Mining

Owned by the world’s second largest mining corporation, Rio Tinto, the $3.8 billion Koodaideri Mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara region has been undergoing preparatory works since mid-2018. Rio Tinto has called Koodaideri their first intelligent mine, and have placed orders for autonomous trucks and drills, with plans to make it their most technologically-advanced mine to date 

Phase 1 of construction will start this year, with initial production kicking off in 2021. Once completed, the iron ore mine will have an annual capacity of 43 million tonne. 

Over 40 Requests for Quotation have been submitted via PlantMiner’s Marketplace for the Koodaideri Mine in 2019 alone. Some of the items requested include: scrapers, dozers (D8-D10), graders, excavators (20-50T), articulated dump trucks (40T+), smooth drum & padfoot rollers (16T+), telehandlers, forklifts, semi water carts, and site vehicles (dual cabs, buses). 

4. Dundonnell Wind Farm - VIC 

Dundonnell (2)

source: Tilt Renewables 

Located approximately 23km north-east of Mortlake, the $560 million, 80-turbine renewable project got started in January of this yearThe expected output of 336 megawatts will mean that the wind farm will be able to produce enough electricity to power roughly 245,000 homes. Construction is expected to be fully completed in late 2020.  

Some of the items requested through PlantMiner for this project include: rough terrain cranespadfoot rollersfront-end loaderswater cartstrenchers & trench rollers.  

5. WestConnex – NSW 


source: NSW Government

The $16 billion, 33-kilometre motorway is a part of an overarching transport plan to ease gridlock traffic and better connect Western Sydney to the airport and Port Botany Precinct. The project will greatly reduce traffic congestion in the nation’s largest city, a problem costing roughly $6 billion annually. The improved efficiency of motorists by the masses will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 610,000 tonne a year! 

The nation’s largest road project is now over half-way completedwith full completion estimated for 2023. 

17 Requests for Quotation have been submitted through the PlantMiner Marketplace for WestConnex. The majority of requests were for civil plant, including; excavators, graders, rollers, trucks & dogs, tippers, pumps, and dozers. 

6. Carmichael Mine  QLD 


Source: North Queensland Register 

With mining leases approved and construction underway, the $21.7 billion mine, rail and port project in Queensland’s Galilee Basin is set to become Australia’s largest ever coal mine. In its first stage, the mega mine will produce 10 million tonnes of coal per annum, creating roughly 5,000 jobs during construction and another 4,500 during the peak of its operations.  

Some of the items requested through PlantMiner for this project have includedcompactors, rollers, scrapers, graders, dozers, excavators, and fuel trucks. 

Other than being worth hundreds of millions of dollarswhat do all these projects have in common?   

They were all listed on PlantMiner, Australia’s Largest Online Construction Marketplace.  

Thousands of people from all facets of the industry take advantage of our platform’s procurement tool to connect with local contractors more efficiently - and our suppliers win millions of dollars’ worth of work each and every month off the back of these requests. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to get your foot in the door on these blockbuster jobs, or if you just want to pick up some extra work in your area, PlantMiner may be able to assist.  

Take a hands-on approach, and find out about our award-winning service and how you can list your plant and/or equipment or subcontracting business by clicking HERE.  

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Aidan Ptasznik

Aidan Ptasznik

Aidan stepped into the Business Development Manager role at Plantminer in early 2019, after a few years of labouring on residential and commercial projects throughout South-East Queensland. With the combined experience gained from working in the industry and alongside leading Australian contractors, Aidan has a strong focus on providing Australia’s Construction Sector with thought-leading content.