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Top 10 industry-related LinkedIn groups to follow


Posted by PlantMiner

In today's business climate, a metric of success can be found by client base. Whether it be an expansive network of clients, followers and acquaintances, it's paramount to have contacts in the industry that can help your business grow.

It's a trial-and-error process when choosing the right social media channel that best fits your business' networking needs, and LinkedIn in particular can be used as a tool to help grow your network.

LinkedIn boasts millions of leading business men and women looking to connect and interact with each other. Whether you're in construction, real estate, teaching, social marketing, or something else - there's bound to be a network of professionals waiting to connect. One way to do this is to sign up to different LinkedIn Groups. 

These groups are created by professionals, for professionals, and are a great forum to join in discussions on industry-related topics. 

To help get you ahead, we've listed out our top 10 construction and mining LinkedIn groups to follow. We're sure to have left some great ones out, so feel free to give them a mention in the comments below:

1. Plant & Equipment Hire Professionals Australia

Why you should join: Plant & Equipment Hire Professionals Australia offers a forum where industry professionals dealing with plant & equipment hire can share industry-related news and ideas.

2. Construction Procurement Specialists

Why you should join: This group is open to industry representatives dealing with procurement. Construction Procurement Specialists was started for both experts and those new to procurement as a place where they can exchange ideas on the industry's best practices as well as grow their network of industry contacts.

3. Urban Development HUB

Why you should join: This group was started by The Urban Developer for professionals who are interested in or directly dealing with urban development. Discussions range from design to construction, as well as an exchange of ideas, information and news.

4. Civil Construction Projects in Australia

Why you should join: Want to keep updated with the goings-on in the civil construction industry? This is the right place for you. Civil Construction Projects in Australia is one of our go-to groups for things like industry news and updates, current and upcoming project information, general industry-related discussions, and the latest opportunities open to professionals in the industry.

5. Equipment Rental - Plant Hire Professionals

Why you should join: Members of the group are encouraged to actively participate in helping eachother increase their network with professional growth in mind. Equipment Rental - Plant Hire Professionals is a group made out of energetic rental business professionals and the group's strategy is to have "fun, meaningful, scheduled and adjunct activities that help members meet their individual professional objectives".

6. The Earthmover & Civil Contractor

Why you should join: The Earthmover & Civil Contractor (EMCC) is one of Australia’s main sources of information with regards to the earthmoving and civil contracting sectors. EMCC is now in its 54th year in operation and it is the Civil Contractors Federation’s official magazine.

7. Construction Who's Who

Why you should join: It is one of the top five Engineering, Procurement and Construction networking groups in LinkedIn, with members from all different backgrounds, from all over the world - from design and construction, to sales, banking and finance. In this group, you will get the latest industry news and updates from right across the globe.

8. Australian Construction, Resources & Engineering Network

Why you should join: This group is Australia’s largest dedicated technical network in LinkedIn. Australian Construction, Resources & Engineering Network was intended for the sharing of ideas and opportunities as well as discuss key issues that affect the construction, resources and engineering sectors in Australia.

9. Construction News & Networking

Why you should join: Construction News & Networking is a private group where members are provided with a selection of leading industry-related news, featured content, discussions led by journalists, and industry event promotional offers. The group also shares upcoming opportunities within the construction and industrial building sectors.

10. Mining Australia

Why you should join: This group has one of the largest network of mining industry professionals in Australia. Members are welcome to discuss news, updates and issues relating to the mining industry and at the same time be able to grow their network of industry contacts.


The only way you use to be able to grow your network of industry contacts was to go out and meet new people face-to-face. While this is still extremely important, there’s now a wide range of social media platforms available to help you connect with professionals in your industry.  

From many professionals like yourself, LinkedIn is the best place to start. Join groups and discuss ideas, subscribe to newsletters and read up on blogs to keep up with what’s happening in the industry – don’t get left behind, grow your network and stay on top of things in the industry.



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