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How to pick the right skid steer for your project


Projects require a range of different plant and equipment items depending on the work that needs to be completed. Skid steer hire can be complicated if you aren't sure what specifications are right for your project. Understand what to look for when choosing a skid steer to ensure work is completed efficiently and effectively. 

World's first battery-operated loader launched by Atlas Copco


Atlas Copco has set a new benchmark in operator safety with the launch of the newest zero-emissions underground loader, the Scooptram ST7 Battery.

7 incredible ways to customise old shipping containers


Shipping containers are used worldwide and required for most import and export needs. Rather than simply discarding and replacing old, damaged or unused shipping containers, people have decided to recycle them and what they've come up with is pretty impressive. 

7 steps to maintain your skid steer


Skid steers are small and versatile yet highly productive pieces of equipment. In order to extend the life of the machinery, a significant amount of effort from the owners or operators should be given to the maintenance and proper care of a skid steer.  

What's the right loader for the job?


Loaders work in load and carry operations, civil & building construction, earth moving, waste handling, recycling, landscaping, quarrying, aggregates, block handling, timber yards, agriculture and more. Increase your profits and save time by choosing the right machine for the task at hand.  

License requirements for operating plant and equipment


When hiring equipment, suppliers will be required to present any applicable licenses and certifications. It's the responsibility of the supplier to be trained and licensed to operate the selected equipment. Often people are unsure as to what licenses and training needs to be completed in order to avoid liability. Here's a list of a few common construction works and their requirements.

What to look for in a crane hire supplier


Cranes are one of the most utilised peices of equipment in the construction industry, and there are a lot of crane hire companies to choose from. From building a small structure to constructing a skyscraper, cranes are used to lift up heavy loads at different altitudes.

Top 16 plant and equipment Instagram posts of 2016 so far...


In the last two months, we've published over 40 posts on PlantMiner's Instagram about plant and equipment on job sites across Australia, and had thousands of views. Here are the posts voted most popular by the plant hire and greater construction community! Some are staff favourites and others have been sent in by our suppliers! 

How to order a shipping container: A step-by-step guide to buying smarter


Need somewhere safe to store valuable items or keep your yard or site tidy? With its modular shape and weatherproof materials, shipping containers make excellent affordable solutions. But when it comes to actually purchasing, you'll soon realise there are many different options available including size, layout and condition – and that’s before you even look at custom container modifications. Here are our top tips to help you design and purchase shipping containers that are tailored to your job requirements. 

6 advantages of keeping an equipment maintenance record

Insider, Equipment

For any equipment hire company, your fleet is the lifeblood of your business. Keeping equipment at optimum working condition minimises the risk of having unscheduled downtime. If maintenance is needed, it's important to keep a comprehensive record - whether scheduled or unscheduled - to help you understand the importance of your equipment’s upkeep works.