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What you'll need for a thorough plant inspection


For plant hire and equipment hire companies, getting your machinery inspected is a must. But not all machine inspections are alike. A thorough and professional inspection can potentially save you from making a disastrous mistake and ensure your machines are in great working condition to arrive on site. 

Where are Sydney's strategic growth centres?

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With the population in Sydney steadily growing, opportunities for businesses and employment are yours for the taking. If you're looking for long-term capital growth for your own equipment hire or plant hire business in Sydney, you have to find the developing areas most likely to have opportunities beyond 2020.

4 tips to prepare your fleet for hire


Equipment hire and plant hire are important processes in any construction project, whether people are hiring a crane, bobcat, scissor lift, even a portable toilet, they must be aware of the health and safety requirements, method of operation and what gear to use when. Four steps can help you get your gear ready for hire and make your equipment hire business attractive to those looking for your services. 

4 attachments that increase mini excavator versatility


Mini excavators are often favoured by job sites with tight quarters, able to go where larger machines can't. Mini excavators are ideal for work in backyards, inside buildings and around fences for digging, lifting and clean-up. Combining powerful performance with easy maneuverability, their hydraulic systems allow them to move large amounts of material quickly, and attachments make mini excavators a go-to in many industries in like landscaping, construction and agriculture. 

The 10 Cs: Finding a great plant and equipment supplier


Have you found a great plant hire supplier to support your project? Here are some telltale signs. 

Maintaining and increasing the quality, performance and lifespan of your fleet


Construction is dirty and hard on your equipment. Understandably, the cleaning and maintenance of your gear is important if you wish to increase the lifetime of your fleet. Plant and equipment can often leave you out of pocket when purchasing due to the high prices, taking good care of your gear will help lesson your chances of buying replacements and adding unnecessary financial output. 

6 tips to unite your sales and marketing team


Businesses that have a collaborative marketing and sales team are among the elite. They have a strong understanding of how to promote your business, get in front of the customer, and close the sale. However, marketing and sales are also notorious for maintaining silent rivalries driven by miscommunication, different goals, mistrust and more. So how do you build, or re-build, and nurture the relationship between marketing and sales? To do that, we address what's historically pulled the two apart, and what can be done to mend them back together again. 

How MPC Earthmoving won over $600,000 in hire work


A wide range of companies have found success with PlantMiner's platform, from earthmoving suppliers to site amenities teams. Although the company sizes vary, the services are different, and jobs can be both long term or a few days, there's one defining driver of their success: engagement. We'd like to showcase MPC Earthmoving who joined PlantMiner in 2014, and has become one of the most lauded users of our platform, helping them secure over $600,000 worth in hire work. 

Tips to overcome the Fatal 5 of construction sites


In one of our most recent posts, we delved into the Fatal 5 of construction injuries in Australia. In order to overcome or prevent fatal injuries on-site, certain precautionary measures have to be put in place to safeguard all workers’ safety on-site. Below are some recommendations to overcome the five most common fatal injuries on Australian construction sites. 

"I just want to be paid" - security of payment in the Australian construction industry


In December 2015, the Department of Housing and Public Works Queensland released a discussion paper seeking feedback on the issue of security of payment in the building and construction industry. The paper seeks feedback from the widest possible cross section of the building and construction industry on the following identified issues: