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QLD Government cutting red tape for the construction industry


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and the Palaszczuk Government have announced that businesses will no longer have to apply for permits to move cranes or special purpose vehicles on state-controlled roads.  

The role of hybrid machines in the green building movement


Construction equipment manufacturers are stepping up and pioneering some of the latest in energy-saving technology to help Australian plant hire companies and contractors alike reduce greenhouse gas emissions. .

5 inescapable "truths" changing the way your construction company operates


As the construction industry evolves, five unavoidable trends have taken hold and will factor into your business operations and outlook for the foreseeable future. 

Where are Melbourne's strategic growth centres?


Melbourne's crane index is a great indicator of the growth of the construction industry, and which areas we can expect to see ongoing building work. Melbourne's key crane hotspots are the CBD, Carlton, Caulfield, Chadstone, Docklands, Toorak and Southbank. These areas will increase the number of projects to tender on and increase Melbourne's plant hire numbers. 

What you'll need for a thorough plant inspection


For plant hire and equipment hire companies, getting your machinery inspected is a must. But not all machine inspections are alike. A thorough and professional inspection can potentially save you from making a disastrous mistake and ensure your machines are in great working condition to arrive on site. 

Where are Sydney's strategic growth centres?

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With the population in Sydney steadily growing, opportunities for businesses and employment are yours for the taking. If you're looking for long-term capital growth for your own equipment hire or plant hire business in Sydney, you have to find the developing areas most likely to have opportunities beyond 2020.

4 tips to prepare your fleet for hire


Equipment hire and plant hire are important processes in any construction project, whether people are hiring a crane, bobcat, scissor lift, even a portable toilet, they must be aware of the health and safety requirements, method of operation and what gear to use when. Four steps can help you get your gear ready for hire and make your equipment hire business attractive to those looking for your services. 

4 attachments that increase mini excavator versatility


Mini excavators are often favoured by job sites with tight quarters, able to go where larger machines can't. Mini excavators are ideal for work in backyards, inside buildings and around fences for digging, lifting and clean-up. Combining powerful performance with easy maneuverability, their hydraulic systems allow them to move large amounts of material quickly, and attachments make mini excavators a go-to in many industries in like landscaping, construction and agriculture. 

The 10 Cs: Finding a great plant and equipment supplier


Have you found a great plant hire supplier to support your project? Here are some telltale signs. 

Maintaining and increasing the quality, performance and lifespan of your fleet


Construction is dirty and hard on your equipment. Understandably, the cleaning and maintenance of your gear is important if you wish to increase the lifetime of your fleet. Plant and equipment can often leave you out of pocket when purchasing due to the high prices, taking good care of your gear will help lesson your chances of buying replacements and adding unnecessary financial output.