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The 5 Biggest Trends That Will Shape Australian Construction in 2020

Insider, Technology

Australia’s construction industry has seen phenomenal growth since the turn of the century. In the last quarter alone, construction has contributed to roughly $33 billion AUD in the national economy (known as Gross Domestic Product/GDP), a figure that has more than doubled since 2001.

How to easily fast track excavation on wind farm projects

Technology, Equipment

Wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source for electricity generation in Australia. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of states have recognised the opportunities that wind energy offers and some of the country's largest wind farms are being built in our south-western, southern, and south-eastern regions. So with big interest in big energy, project proponents are also turning to smarter and more efficient ways to build wind farms. To learn more, we caught up with Spiro Xypolitos, General Manager of Force One Australia, to discuss the technology they've developed to clear the footings of wind turbines before form work begins. 

Top 6 technology advancements changing the face of construction


Construction is a $10 trillion global industry but productivity - the total economic output per worker - in the industry has remained flat. This is partly because of the slow adoption of new technologies. The following are the top six technology advancements changing the face of construction.

GPS Tracking Software Improves Efficiency for Crane Hire


The crane hire industry is highly competitive. If you operate a crane hire company, you’re under considerable pressure to provide safe and high quality equipment, while at the same time identify efficiencies and reduce your overall costs.