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MPC Earthmoving boosts leads and revenue with PlantMiner


About MPC Earthmoving

Eather Group moves into niche projects and connects with new contractors and builders


About Eather Group

Eather Group operates a mid-size fleet in Sydney, New South Wales and specialises in everything bulk excavation, waste and select mining work.

Whittens awarded $22m Mount Pleasant Operation works

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Privately owned Australian company, Whittens, have secured a $22 million contract with G&S Engineering Services to provide bulk earthworks and other construction packages at MACH Energy Australia's Mount Pleasant Operation in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales.

H2flow proves value for money outweighs competing on pricing alone

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Value can mean different things to different people in construction. To most contractors, procurement is driven by value for money. However, it's important to remember that the lowest price is not the only indicator of value, and an offer can represent serious non-cost benefits like fitness for purpose, quality, delivery, service, support and sustainability impacts. I caught up with Ben Brown, Business Development Manager of H2flow, South East Queensland's leading water services carrier, to ask some questions about the hire industry and the direction it's heading in.

Zaxcav8 sees 2,093% ROI with PlantMiner


Established in 2007, Zaxcav8 Civil Contractors is a leading supplier for civil works and haulage in South East Queensland and more recently, Auckland New Zealand. With a focus on reducing their downtime, they realised that in order to reach this goal they had to focus on establishing a streamlined marketing strategy that drew traffic to their brand and helped increase qualified leads for their business.

Affordable Earthworx lands major client with PlantMiner


Affordable Earthworx’s high standard of work help reel in customers, but they have fought to capture that large scale project which gets their gear on site for a lengthy period. Within six months of listing as a PlantMiner supplier, Affordable Earthworx has increased their fleet utilisation, boosted their online presence … and landed a major client. 

Avid Hire find 'fantastic outcomes' with PlantMiner


When the company first started in 2011, Avid Hire focused on crosshiring equipment to larger hire companies. But what Mark found was that more and more firms were affected by the downturning market, and companies began to consolidate existing equipment and dispose of assets. It was increasingly difficult to utilise his fleet and the decision was made to adopt a more direct approach to the market.

Gain unprecedented access to New Zealand’s hire market

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In an industry where speed is king, PlantMiner’s platform trims every ounce of technical fat from the procurement development cycle. As a result, we can deliver unchartered access to the hire market across New Zealand.

Steps to reduce procurement delays

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PlantMiner makes one-stop-shopping a reality

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Discover people with hire requests like yours who have found success with PlantMiner. The Instant Society only took hold because it enabled real gains. So when it comes to construction and mining, the most sought after qualities are efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.