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WA named world's top destination for mining investments


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Posted by Monica Gameng

According to the annual survey of mining and exploration companies by the Fraser Institute in Canada, Australia is the most attractive region for investment – with three Australian regions on the top 10 list. Australia has surpassed Canada and the United States as it continues to be an attractive destination to invest in mining, considering both policy and mineral potential.

Western Australia moved from fourth in the 2014 survey, to the number one spot for 2015’s top destinations for investment in the world. Northern Territory and South Australia are also in the top 10, placing seventh and tenth respectively.

“Western Australia was rated to be the most attractive jurisdiction in the world this year based on its Investment Attractiveness score. Northern Territory (7th) and South Australia (10th) were also among the top 10 most attractive jurisdiction in which to invest.

Only Western Australia appeared in the global top 10 on the Policy Perception Index, coming in at 8th.”

There are three main factors that contributed to WA topping the Investment Attractiveness list:

  • Investment Attractiveness Index - results are from the combination of Best Practices Mineral Potential Index and Policy Perception Index
  • Best Practices Mineral Potential Index - rates a region based on its geological attractiveness
  • Policy Perception Index - measures the effects of a region's government policy on attitudes toward exploration investment

Other states mentioned in the survey are Queensland, Tasmania and New South Wales – securing the 16th, 30th and 38th spots accordingly.

Below is the top 10 Investment Attractiveness list

  1. Western Australia
  2. Saskatchewan, Canada
  3. Nevada, USA
  4. Ireland
  5. Finland
  6. Alaska
  7. Northern Territory
  8. Quebec, Canada
  9. Utah, USA
  10. Southern Australia

You can also view the full survey results here.

This announcement is welcome news for Western Australia (and for the entire country), and we hope it translates to investments into the region to help further employment and projects.

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Monica Gameng

Monica Gameng

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