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West Gate Freeway widening works underway


Posted by Monica Gameng

Works to widen Victoria's West Gate Freeway and construct the West Gate Tunnel citybound entrance is now ready to begin.

The West Gate Freeway is going to be widened from eight to 12 lanes between Williamstown Road and the M80 Ring Road, providing smoother and safer travels for motorists.

There will be changes made on the West Gate Freeway as a construction site is going to be established and this will allow the citybound tunnel entrance to be built without closing lanes along the route during peak hours.

“This is another milestone in this huge project, which will slash travel times, get trucks off local roads and create thousands of jobs.

“As part of the West Gate Tunnel project we’re widening the West Gate Freeway from eight to 12 lanes – and we’ll be doing it without peak hour lane closures,” Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan said.

Traffic barriers are going to be installed and line markings are going to be changed to prepare for the moving of the inbound exit ramp at Williamstown Road to further north, making way for the new citybound entrance.

Starting next month, more traffic barriers will be rolled out progressively as works commence around the Williamstown Road interchange. Works to widen the West Gate Freeway will gradually move its way west towards the M80 Ring Road between this year and 2022.

All lanes will stay open during peak times while construction is being carried out, keeping traffic moving on the West Gate Freeway. Approximately 500 workers will be on site during peak construction.

This project is the second major West Gate Tunnel Project site to be established in the last few weeks, with works are already underway in Footscray on the northern tunnel portal site.

There will be two West Gate Tunnel portals to be constructed on the West Gate Freeway in order to provide motorists an alternative route to the West Gate Bridge – an entry portal at Williamstown Road as well as an exit portal near the freight rail in Altona North.

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Source: Premier of Victoria, West Gate Tunnel Project

Monica Gameng

Monica Gameng

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