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Western Sydney's road upgrades spark local job boom


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Posted by Sophia Rostron

The Australian and NSW governments are funding a 10 year, $3.6 billion road investment program. Seymour White has already testified to how the plan is strengthening businesses, "in NSW we're growing quicker than other state we're in" spokesman Rob Parry-Williams said. 

About $18.2 million worth of contracts have so far been awarded to 65 western Sydney suppliers and contractors for the two projects in construction, Werrington Arterial Road and Bringelly Road Upgrade Stage 1.

Western Sydney suppliers have been awarded almost 70 per cent of the total $7 million in contracts on the Werrington Arterial Road project. One in every two sub-contractors working on the project are from the region. More than one third of the sub-contractors working on the Bringelly Road Upgrade Stage 1 site are from western Sydney.

The Australian and NSW governments expect the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan to create about 4,000 direct and indirect jobs during the 10 year lifetime of this program. 

“I’ve never seen it like this to be honest,” a Borcat spokesman told 9NEWS.

“All of our big customers have been confident for the last 13 months and the smaller guys in the last 12 months have all started buying equipment, so yeah it’s very good.” 

The projects

The Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan's projects are at different stages from planning to construction. The overview map below shows the programmed 61km of Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan roads, the western Sydney airport site, future transport corridors, employment centres and existing transport links. 

  • The Northern Road Upgrade: Upgrading The Northern Road in four stages to a minimum of four lanes between Narellan and Jamison Road, South Penrith, including a grade separated interchange at Bringelly Road. The 35km upgrade will cater for future traffic from planned residential and commercial developments in time for a western Sydney airport opening in the mid-2020s. The Northern Road Upgrade stages are:
    • Stage 1 – 3.3km between The Old Northern Road, Narellan and Peter Brock Drive, Oran Park
    • Stage 2 – 10km between Peter Brock Drive, Oran Park and Mersey Road, Bringelly
    • Stage 3 – 10km between Littlefields Road, Luddenham and Jamison Road, Penrith
    • Stage 4 – 11km between Mersey Road, Bringelly and Littlefields Road, Luddenham. 
  • M12 Motorway: Building a new M12 Motorway with up to six lanes. This will provide direct access to the western Sydney airport site between the M7 Motorway, Cecil Hills and The Northern Road, Luddenham
  • Bringelly Road Upgrade: Upgrading Bringelly Road to a minimum of four lanes between The Northern Road and Camden Valley Way. Construction started in January 2015. The Bringelly Road Upgrade stages are:
    • Stage 1 – 5.7km from Camden Valley Way, Leppington to King Street, Rossmore – currently being built • Stage 2 – 4.3km from King Street, Rossmore to The Northern Road, Bringelly – detailed design has been completed.
  • Werrington Arterial Road: Building the Werrington Arterial Road by upgrading Kent Road and Gipps Street to four lanes between the Great Western Highway and at the M4 Motorway, including two new east facing ramps on the M4 Motorway. Construction started March 2015
  • Glenbrook Intersection Upgrade: Upgrading the intersection of Ross Street and the Great Western Highway
  • Local Roads Package: A $200 million package for local roads upgrades (Australian Government funded). It will allow councils to deliver targeted road improvements and provide better transport connections. 

More and more companies are benefiting from working on the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan with local businesses. If you've ever considered why local suppliers are so important to Government business, or how to highlight them as part of your track record, download our Free eBook to help you write a tender application that caters to local preference policies.  

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