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What to look for in a crane hire supplier


Posted by Monica Gameng

Cranes are one of the most utilised peices of equipment in the construction industry, and there are a lot of crane hire companies to choose from. From building a small structure to constructing a skyscraper, cranes are used to lift up heavy loads at different altitudes.

But what do you usually assess before hiring a crane from a hire company?

To help you out, here are the four most important aspects of a crane hire company that you should consider before engaging them. 


Always ensure that the company you are hiring from are experienced professionals. Check to see if they have dealt with every kind of situation in constructing a building or if they have any experience handling similar projects as yours. Crane hire companies who have years of experience in their hands will ensure that your project is efficiently delivered.

Featured PlantMiner Supplier: Universal Cranes


Cranes come in different types and sizes – tower cranes, mini crawler cranes, self-erecting cranes and many more. A reputable crane hire company will provide you, not only with the kind of crane that you need but also with the latest model as well as brand that has a good reputation. Crane experts from their team can also give you advice on customisation for increased versatility of the crane to better accommodate your specifications or project needs.

Featured PlantMiner Supplier: Lampson Australia


Safety has always been a primary concern in the industry and in order to have a successful project, safety has to be prioritised. Before hiring a crane from your chosen hire company, take into account the crane’s construction, its maintenance records and, if the crane comes with an operator, check their credentials and safety record as well.

Featured PlantMiner Supplier: Wildmans Cranes


Hiring from a reputable crane hire company should provide you value for money – you get a great piece of machinery for a great price.

Quick tip: ask for a quote in advance from the hire companies so you would know what to expect and how much budget you should allot for the hire. Using a quick quotes tool like PlantMiner’s Quote Request tool would be useful for this when trying to find a reputable crane hire in Brisbane or crane hire in Sydney for example.

Featured PlantMiner Supplier: Freo Group

We'd love to hear from you. What are some of the signs that indicate you've scored a great crane supplier?

Once you've listed your potential crane suppliers, it's time to pick which one has the best value for money. We have created the free eBook below which highlights the seven factors that affects the hire rates you could receive from suppliers.

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Author's note: Information on this post was sourced from GGR Group

Monica Gameng

Monica Gameng

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