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Why doing good is good business


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Posted by Clare Williams

Last week, our Product Manager Steve returned from Westpac's Businesses of Tomorrow Study tour which saw 20 of Australia's best and brightest (including PlantMiner) visit global companies like Uber, Airbnb, LinkedIn and Salesforce. We were all very excited to hear what Steve had learned, and see his pics from along the way. But one of the emerging themes from his trip, and from speaking with these massive companies, was the technology world's dedication to culturally embedded social responsbility and corporate giving. 

One of the best known of these types of programs is Salesforce with their Integrated-philanthropy formula of 1:1:1 (1% of product, time and resource). A key takeaway from the Westpac tour was the employee ownership and engagement in these types of programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility allows companies to show their support for the local communities and charities that matter to them. By showcasing their values, customers and employees get a better sense of the company and what they stand for. These acts of goodwill help gain and retain customer loyalty, all the while supporting a great cause. 

The PlantMiner team recognise that we need to give back which is why we partnered with the team at Bravehearts to support their mission to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child. We’ve been busy at PlantMiner HQ figuring out ways to help get the word out about White Balloon Day plus how we can mark the day in our own office on September 8.

Clare taking part in Braveheart's #WhoRUProtecing campaign

There are so many ways that businesses, both big and small, can take part in White Balloon Day. Support from businesses and organisations is vital to the success of White Balloon Day, which is why involvement this year is more important than ever. Whether you wish to mark the day with a small gesture of support, or go all out and arrange a fundraiser, there is a way for your business or organisation to show you care about the protection of Aussie kids.

You can also use social media to raise awareness with the #WhoRUProtecing campaign. All you need to do is snap a selfie with the name of who you are protecting this White Balloon Day written on your palm then upload your selfie to social media accompanied by the hashtags #whoRUprotecting #WhiteBalloonDay #Bravehearts.

Or I challenge you all to take on PlantMiner’s balloon in the Virtual Balloon Race. Your very own virtual balloon costs just $10 each and the balloons will be influenced by real-life weather conditions, how much helium you put in it and how durable you choose to make it.

Join in the fun and help a great cause by clicking here!

In the wise words of Richard Branson, “explore the great next frontier where the boundaries between work and higher purpose are merging into one, where doing good is really good for business.”


Clare Williams

Clare Williams

Clare is the People and Culture Manager at PlantMiner, where she oversees PlantMiner’s recruitment of top-level talent as the company continues to grow. Clare is responsible for PlantMiner’s award-winning culture and is committed to helping each employee earn their spot at the bar.