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Work on newly approved WestConnex New M5 Motorway could begin within weeks


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Posted by Sophia Rostron

Planning Minister Rob Stokes has announced the approval of the WestConnex New M5 project, which will relieve congestion and improve travel times for motorists.

Stage 2 of WestConnex – The New M5 – will link to the upgraded King Georges Road Interchange on the existing M5 East Motorway at Beverly Hills and run via twin tunnels to St Peters. “100,000 motorists use the current M5 East every day and face a constant battle to get through what has become a frustrating car park. By doubling its capacity with new 9km twin tunnels, they’ll have a much faster and less stressful journey." said Minister for Roads Duncan Gay. 

Mr Gay said, pending Federal Government approval, initial work on the New M5 could begin within weeks, and major construction in coming months. It is scheduled to open in 2019.

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Construction is already underway on other parts of WestConnex, with work well underway on the Stage One, M4 Widening section between Parramatta and Homebush. Early work is also underway on the new M4 East twin tunnels between Homebush and Haberfield.

The planning application has been lodged for the final stage of the project – the tunnel joining the M4 and M5 to create a free-flowing motorway – allowing extensive community consultation to begin.

Key features of WestConnex Stage Two - New M5 

feature-stage-2.pngCPB Contractors are delivering the design and construct element of Sydney’s $4.3 billion New M5 Motorway in a joint venture with Dragados and Samsung C&T. The project will construct:  


  • around nine kilometres of new motorway tunnels, line‑marked for two traffic lanes in each direction, and capable of accommodating up to three lanes in the future, if required
  • widening and realigning the existing M5 East Motorway just east of King Georges Road
  • a new interchange at St Peters
  • two new road bridges across Alexandra Canal
  • enhanced and upgraded local streets near St Peters Interchange
  • around 14 kilometres of new and upgraded shared, pedestrian and cycle paths, including new bridges across Alexandra Canal and Campbell Road, St Peters
  • tunnels that will be taller, wider and less steep than the existing M5 East resulting in a smoother ride for motorists, reducing emissions and improving air quality outcomes.

Conditions of approval for New M5

An extensive EIS assessment process was carried out to consider submissions from the community and business prior to planning approval being granted. In direct response to issues raised by the community, a series of conditions have been set to provide new open public space; new cycling and pedestrian infrastructure; and strict environmental protections including:

  • provision of new open space south of Sydney Park and a new land bridge to connect the two green areas
  • new and upgraded cycling and pedestrian pathways connecting existing open spaces of Sydney Park, Simpson Park, Camdenville Park and St Peters interchange
  • strict air quality limits for the tunnel and ventilation facilities
  • establishing an Air Quality Community Consultative Committee with members of the community and local councils to help decide locations of monitoring stations
  • protections for Green and Golden Bell Frogs
  • a biodiversity offset strategy for the Cooks River Castlereagh Ironbark Forest.

With major construction works scheduled to begin within the next few months, it's an important tool to know trusted suppliers in your area. Check out this quick cheatsheet for plant hire suppliers in Sydney who could work on the WestConnex New M5 project. 

Sophia Rostron

Sophia Rostron

As the Content editor at plantminer.com.au, Sophia works behind the scenes to keep our blog machine in motion. A student of Law and Business, she's very dependent on coffee and loves any excuse to travel.