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World's first battery-operated loader launched by Atlas Copco


Posted by PlantMiner

Atlas Copco has set a new benchmark in operator safety with the launch of the newest zero-emissions underground loader, the Scooptram ST7 Battery.

The battery-operated loader marks the first step in powering heavy, mobile equipment underground and leads the way for the development of a broad range of battery-operated equipment.

900x506xatals-copco-Scooptram-ST7-Battery.png.pagespeed.ic.2LpMtLbqiz.pngThe Scooptram ST7 Battery. Source: Mining.com

The Scooptram ST7 Battery overcomes challenges faced with existing electric scoops because it does not need to be tethered via an electrical cable. The loader also hosts several automated functions, including ability to control multiple loaders from a safe, remote location and the ability to plan and repeat the perfect production cycle every time. 

Atlas Copco has said, given that loaders are commonly used in dead-ends of mines that are difficult to ventilate, a battery-operated loader was an obvious choice when developing their first product of this type.

Hidden benefits of battery-operated equipment include a reduced environmental footprint, higher worker satisfaction and a better standing in the community and such equipment may eventually lead to the redesign of mines. 

The Scooptram ST7 Battery will be launched in early May at MassMin 2016, and introduced in North America before it is gradually rolled out globally.

We’ll be waiting in anticipation for one of our suppliers to list this battery-operated loader, but in the meantime, if you’re looking to hire a regular underground loader, you can do so here.

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Source: Australian Mining



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